Arzak Bahgat

international marketing, export training, consultation, translation, voice over and event planning


Fields of experience; 

- international marketing (market research, marketing plan, marketing strategy, marketing mix, data analysis, competitiveness analysis, content marketing, digital marketing)

- identify the target market for producers products, 

- study target markets, 

- study competition, 

- open new markets, 

- set a marketing plan and find matching,

- export training

- export consultation 

- translation from and to English 

- wedding and event planning 

- voice over

Educational Details

Bachelor in business administration

  • Ain shams UN - Faculty of commerce


Export manager

  • Yalla Nsadar
  • أغسطس 1, 2018 - أغسطس 6, 2022

- Account manager, - Website admin, - Follow-up for international marketing for the registered exporters products, - Provide consultation for exporters in shipping, payment terms, Negotiations, Documentation and export process and procedures, - follow up for the export process and documents, - Business development.

Chairman and Technical Office Consultant Assistant

  • EGD
  • أبريل 1, 2017 - يوليو 31, 2018

- Handling mails (incoming and outgoing), - Follow-up importing products from abroad, - Follow-up with importation documents and payment, - Booking hotels, - Visa issuing, - Manage all admin and technical affairs with both chairman and technical consultant.

Export Specialist

  • Bedjanssen
  • أكتوبر 1, 2015 - مارس 1, 2017

- E- marketing - Export planning - All duties of export specialist

Export coordinator

  • Al Suhagy for Food Industries
  • أكتوبر 7, 2008 - سبتمبر 1, 2014

1- Preparing quotations for customers, Invoice and backing list. 2- Advise customers of and compile documentation for export consignments 3- Advise customers of service and packing methods available 4- Collecting information to ensure that company services provided meet the needs of the customer 5- Ensuring that airline/shipping line and destination agents’ services meet the customers’ needs 6- Collating and forwarding correctly completed documentation to destination agents to ensure prompt clearance and delivery of consignment 7- Ensure the maximum utilization of container space available by cubed the container 8- Compile reports and statistics where necessary and ensure that deadlines are met 9- Perform tasks as directed by general Manager within time frames specified 10- Attend training courses external/internal, as required 11- Attend Branch meetings as required 12- Carry out tasks and responsibilities within limits of authority as defined in Company policy 13- Follow up the customers order till it is shipped with all the needed documentations 14- Responsible for all the tasks that helps the order to be shipped in time 15- Any other task can help my work

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