About Us

What is Qayedny?

Qayedny is a community that brings together students, freelancers, and small business owners.
It allows them to offer their services and request other services without paying any money. Instead, they use a special currency of Qayedny, which is TimePoints (TPs), that reflect the value of the time it takes to provide or receive the service. The more TPs you collect the more chances you have to get new and better services; you can also exchange TPs for discounts or deals from our various partners across Egypt.                     

Why Qayedny?

Because you can develop your skills and experiences by exchanging services with other users from different fields, Save your money and time in finding services that help you complete your projects or achieve your goals, Build a network of professional and personal relationships with Qayedny users, and discover new opportunities,Contribute to support the local community.                      

Our Mission

To create a money-free community where young people can exchange experiences, skills, and opportunities.

Our Vision

To be the first-to-go marketplace where youth can invest in their free time.

We are happy to provide you


We provide courses and development programs for students and freelancers who want to enhance their skills and knowledge.

  Wallet System (TPs)

We enable you to buy and sell services using one account and one currency, TimePoints (TPs).

Support Employers

We help early-stage employers to start their businesses by providing them with guidance, resources, and tools.

 Support Providers 

We allow service/product providers to offer their services/products in exchange for other services, creating a network of mutual support and collaboration.

Time Points

We facilitate seamless transactions using only TimePoints (TPs) fees, which can be used to exchange services with other providers.

Do You Have Questions?  

Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or social media.
We are happy to answer your inquiries and suggestions.

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Junior Freelancer

Register now, get your free Tps. No one is prefect in all, complete your projects by exchange your skills

with other freelancers and keep your work always shining.

➢ Enjoy building your own portfolio.

➢ Practice the courses you learnt or learn new one.

➢ Get real projects to work on.

➢ Have support form senior freelancers and market experts

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Senior Freelancer

Register now, get your free Tps. No one is prefect in all, complete your projects by exchange your skills

with other freelancers and keep your work always shining.

➢ Grab your projects and get paid from other freelancing platforms.
➢ Get your job done here by other freelancers, save your money and your time to gain
more projects.
➢ Example: as a senior freelancer you can price your hour by 100 TP, other freelancers may
price their hour by 10 TP.
Accordingly, you can just make a job on Qayedny with 10 hours and get 1000 TP in your
credit and enjoy having 100 hours from other freelancers doing your job. You can just
make final touches and submit to your main client and get paid.

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Register now, get your free TPs and start exploring yourself in our community.
➢ Invest in your free time every day. Make sure you have a lot but still you don’t know.
➢ Evaluate any skill, talent, passion you have by our TPs (Photography, Microsoft office, PR, voice
over, motion graphics, customer service, sales, marketing, market research ...etc.)
Ex (social media moderating 1Hour=5 TP) ➢ Post your services, apply for projects, and enjoy real tasks with employers.
➢ Develop yourself and enjoy our partners professional courses.
➢ Customize your internship and apply for startups.
➢ For the first time, you’ll get the opportunity to evaluate/ rate your employers (startups)
➢ Build strong profile, good rating, get the highest score of TPs, and have the opportunity every
month to cash out your TPs up to (5000 EGP).

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Register now as a startup, get free monthly 100 TPs (equivalent to 100$ (non-cash).
➢ Post your projects for free and get them done. ➢ Reach out to freelancers, service providers, and other startups.
➢ Keep your rating high, end enjoy free renewal to your credit every month.

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