About Us

Qayedny makes it easier than ever to swap services and save time.

We're building a community where money is not an issue anymore to learn, develop, or grow your business.

 Everyone at Qayedny can easily swap their services and enjoy the flexibility of working with other freelancers and employers.


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Qayedny's vision, is to be the first go marketplace where you can invest in your free or wasted time.

Our mission is to create money free community where youth can learn, and exchange experiences/services under one umbrella using only their wasted time as a currency.

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Qayedny Provides You..


Courses and development programs for students and freelancers

Wallet System

Buy & sell services by one account , one wallet

Support Employers

Empowering early-stage employers to start their businesses

Support Providers

Support services/product providers to offer their services/products in exchange for other services


Faire seamless transactions using only TimeCoins (TCs) fees & use it to exchange services

Live Chat & Meetings

Discuss effectively with live chat and built in zoom meetings to communicate with others