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How to use Qayedny?

Sign up, post your services, and get paid!

What will you earn?

In Qayedny we had created our own currency. Time Points; we evolved your free time into a currency that you can earn and spend 24/7! We revamped the concept of making profit into a new level. Our TPs is an actual currency that in fact enables you to enjoy discount ratios or deals from many various vendors all over Egypt.

Who & How can make profit?

Time is your biggest asset that you should invest in, whether you are a student, freelancer or even a business owner at Qayedny you will get something in return. Upload your service or project, so you can exchange services, learn, and grow your business. This is how our users can earn TPs with each submitted exchanged service the consumer will pay you in TPs. The more TPs you collect the more benefits you get.

Want to swap now?

Sign up now, create your account and boom, you already have jumped the first few steps for your Career path. As our main goal is giving you the push, Qayedny will provide you with a bunch of TPs as pocket money to start your journey. Make a good ROI from your time.

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Why to use Qayedny?


At Qayedny, we believe that learning, developing, and business growth should not be hindered by financial barriers. Our community provides a platform for exchanging services based on your free time, allowing you to realize the true value of your time. Join us to break down money barriers and achieve your goals!


Join our community today and start swapping services based on your free time. Break down money barriers and take the first step towards achieving your goals. Sign up now to realize the value of your time!


Don’t know how to start? Are you waiting for the perfect opportunity?
Are you a business owner and looking for skilled interns who potentially could be a talented worker?

Qaydeny got both of you backs’! Our platform gives all the students and freelancers the actual opportunities to work and gain experience to build their portfolios.

On the other hand, we are preparing experienced, skilled interns and potential employees for the business owners who might not have enough time to start with their employees from scratch.


As our concern is building a strong connected platform that helps businesses to grow with zero cost.

this service’s main objective is to allow all the startups to upload their projects which needs potential freelancers to work on.


And here comes the good bargain , startups getting their work done with zero cost paying in TPs and students & freelancers building their portfolios from actual work experiences


, also getting paid in a very beneficial way through our TPs system. 


Being a strong networking platform requires being aware of all market needs. In favor of fulfilling this, Qayedny offers a unique service that would enable all their users to enjoy the full experience of doing a survey.


Qayedny always put their users in a win-win situation, in which as a Qayedny user you will be able to create a survey from a scratch on our platform or if your survey is already created you still can get benefit of uploading the survey on our platform to get more answers and submissions.


Time points is the virtual currency that Qayedny users will be dealing with each other. All our users will pay and get paid by Time Points.


In fact, creating this concept of currency proves and emphasizes our platform’s main concept and goal which is that “time is the most precious value we could ever invest in”.


Those points could be redeemed from different vendors that will provide our users various range of benefits.

What Our Users Say About Us

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Junior Freelancer

Register now, get your free Tps. No one is prefect in all, complete your projects by exchange your skills

with other freelancers and keep your work always shining.

➢ Enjoy building your own portfolio.

➢ Practice the courses you learnt or learn new one.

➢ Get real projects to work on.

➢ Have support form senior freelancers and market experts

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Senior Freelancer

Register now, get your free Tps. No one is prefect in all, complete your projects by exchange your skills

with other freelancers and keep your work always shining.

➢ Grab your projects and get paid from other freelancing platforms.
➢ Get your job done here by other freelancers, save your money and your time to gain
more projects.
➢ Example: as a senior freelancer you can price your hour by 100 TP, other freelancers may
price their hour by 10 TP.
Accordingly, you can just make a job on Qayedny with 10 hours and get 1000 TP in your
credit and enjoy having 100 hours from other freelancers doing your job. You can just
make final touches and submit to your main client and get paid.

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Register now, get your free TPs and start exploring yourself in our community.
➢ Invest in your free time every day. Make sure you have a lot but still you don’t know.
➢ Evaluate any skill, talent, passion you have by our TPs (Photography, Microsoft office, PR, voice
over, motion graphics, customer service, sales, marketing, market research ...etc.)
Ex (social media moderating 1Hour=5 TP) ➢ Post your services, apply for projects, and enjoy real tasks with employers.
➢ Develop yourself and enjoy our partners professional courses.
➢ Customize your internship and apply for startups.
➢ For the first time, you’ll get the opportunity to evaluate/ rate your employers (startups)
➢ Build strong profile, good rating, get the highest score of TPs, and have the opportunity every
month to cash out your TPs up to (5000 EGP).

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Register now as a startup, get free monthly 100 TPs (equivalent to 100$ (non-cash).
➢ Post your projects for free and get them done. ➢ Reach out to freelancers, service providers, and other startups.
➢ Keep your rating high, end enjoy free renewal to your credit every month.

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