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Qayedny is a service exchange marketplace where all transactions are a value of token called Time Point (TP). We’re introducing a new concept/mindset built around value exchange for time invested rather than monetary terms. Qayedny is a community where money is no longer a barrier to learning, developing, or growing one’s business. Therefore, everyone at Qayedny can easily swap their services and enjoy the flexibility of working with other freelancers, employers, and service/product providers just using their free time as a currency.


Qayedny offers a unique experience for young people with the creation of a token called Time Point “TP”, which performs the principle of money to facilitate transactions of services exchange, considering each service’s actual market price. Once you sign up, the user is given five TP.

Qayedny aims to provide opportunities for all young people without financial barriers. If you are a student, graduate, expert or newbie, employer or service provider you can start directly.

By registering on the platform, simply select your specialties and services as a freelancer, identify the services you need as an employer and complete your profile. Now you are ready to exchange!

Simply follow these steps: –

  1.  Complete registration requirements.
  2. Open the Employer Dashboard.
  3. Click on Create Project button.
  4. Fill out the requirements carefully.
  5. Confirmation by clicking on Create Project button.
  6. Start receiving and scanning freelancers offers.

Simply follow these steps: –

  1.  Complete registration requirements.
  2. Open the Freelancer Dashboard.
  3. Click on the Post Service button.
  4. Fill out the requirements carefully.
  5. Confirmation by clicking the Publish Service button.

All transactions at Qayedny are done by Time points (TPs). Time Point has been devised as the primary currency for exchanging services to facilitate transactions and allow evaluating your service on an hourly rate per actual market price. Five TPs are added for each new user to start investing and exchanging their services.


Every Time point is equivalent to one dollar (non-cash).
If your market price as a graphic designer is 5 $ per hour, then you can price your hourly rate at Qayedny by 5 TP.


Ex: 5 TP = 5 $
Complete a logo in 5 hours, then your wallet will be charged with 25 TPs. You can then exchange them with any other services at Qayedny.

As a freelancer, you have a balance of TPs in your E-wallet. By increasing your services, your credit of TPs increases, so you can order other services from other members, and your role here as an employer becomes the exchange of TPs by what you are looking for.

The more you are investing in your free time and doing services the more you can recharge your credit with TPs.

You can also use our promo codes to get more TPs.


Be the Top achiever of the month and get the opportunity to have free TPs credit and other giveaways.  

You can enjoy multiple offers and discounts from various partners in different fields. 
Qayedny keeps on building a community where you can find educational, job matchmaking, and other partners supporting startups to start their journey without money barriers.

Qayedny allows you to get live chat with your clients to complete services exchanges.

Because the security and safety of transactions are our first priority, the Escrow Payment system is followed by which tokens TPs are withdrawn from the employer and are added to the provider’s balance only by confirming to the employer that he received the project and that it is complete. He must also send personal proof while something needs to be acted upon.

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